Video Archive

These are just some if not all the videos I’ve made or had a hand in making.

Banana Man

The Beginning…

Empty Movie Theatre



A Very Banana Man Christmas

9 Reasons We Didn’t Make A Banana Man

The Volume Song (feat. Banana Man)

Snow Day

Real Life Rpg

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Extras: Skipping Through Fields

Film Da World

Cripple Michigans

Behind the Scenes: Magic Pringle

Taylor Presents – “Drunk” Aaron


Misfit Inc. Halo 3 montage/funtage

Deadliest Warrior – Pin Cushion Achievement

Other Videos

World’s Worst Zombie Apocolypse Video EVER!

Weird Camera Noise

On an ATV

Guy gets Smacked by Little Girls: The Outlaws of Promontory 

Bar Fight: The Outlaws of Promontory

Daniels Epic Spin

Shigimoo Films

Cribs: Hobo Edition!!

Pimp my Box

Logan’s Rocket Ride

Rockband – Almost Easy

Halo 3 E.T.

Paint Can Explosion

Casual Friday