My Life

The Volume Song & Channel Design Change

First off a short song:

The Volume Song

A song about how to find the volume of a 3D object that was done for a friend’s math project.

Music Video at:
Original Music by me: A Bit of Nastalgia

In other news I’ve decided to change my channel design. I don’t think I’ll change the all around design of the logo and site at this moment.  Anyways  planning some stuff and still working with friends over at Shigimoo Films. Also I plan to update this more often then I have been, so watch for that.


Computer Issues

I’ve been having some computer issues lately. For some reason it activated a second monitor that I did not have. So everything kept going onto this non-existent screen. Well I spent all last night and this morning trying to fix it and switching between other monitors and my laptop. I just now finally got it set back to one screen. It would have been faster, but with one screen not recieving any input and the propeties tab for the screens was showing up on the non-existent one it took a lot of turning it off and on, redoing settings, and switching screens to fix a minor problem. Also, I was getting my laptop this morning and when I picked it up it electricuted my shoulder. I sent the rest of the morning having a slightly numb arm, which is not good when you have class.


I find it kinda nice, but also a little annoying that I only get site traffic on days on and around video posting. But meh… I can deal with it for now, maybe look into some things I could probably do to improve and/or add to the site. Also wish I could get more of my music out there, but I can’t get them to mp3 format just yet. I may gain access to that option in the near future though. Figures crossed. Anyway I’m hopefully planning on getting 1-3 new episodes of Real Life Rpg filmed, edited, and uploaded and possibly add more to the Film Da World category with some new footage and some old stuff from my video folder.

TI-84 Plus Silver Edition

Just got a TI-84 Plus Silver Edition two days ago. It’s fun going through and looking at the different apps I can get for it. I’m kinda mad though becasue there isn’t enough space on the calculator to put a full Gameboy Color Game on it. So, I guess I’ll be stuck playing puzzle games in math class instead of Pokemon Red or Super Mario Land.

My trip to Cedar Point!

 This sums up my entire trip!