New Song

The Volume Song & Channel Design Change

First off a short song:

The Volume Song

A song about how to find the volume of a 3D object that was done for a friend’s math project.

Music Video at:
Original Music by me: A Bit of Nastalgia

In other news I’ve decided to change my channel design. I don’t think I’ll change the all around design of the logo and site at this moment.¬† Anyways¬† planning some stuff and still working with friends over at Shigimoo Films. Also I plan to update this more often then I have been, so watch for that.


3 More Songs

Was up late so I decided to make some more music. Here are the 3 new songs:

With Yo’ Beat

Electro Emphasis

Another Late Night

Tons of Music

I’ve been creating a ton of music lately. They can all be found here: Playlist

and individually:

Acid Spill

About 348

A Bit of Nastalgia

Battle Scenario


Tiny Horror

Techno Bliss

Viva La Country

Open Country

Laid Back Fighting

Guitar PvE

Sax Practice

Progressive Fist Pump

Old School Apartment

Jamacian Dancehall

Short Jam – Sax & Flute

About 3:48

A song I made a few months ago. I have more, their probably better, but my stupid software doesn’t allow mp3’s anymore. So here’s the song.

NOTE: Above player may or may not work.