Banana Man: 3 More Vids

Sorry been really busy lately. Here’s the last 3 episode of Banana Man:

Episode 2:

Late night, deserted movie theater, banana costume. Yes we had to do it.

Episode 3:

Some people just didn’t want to work the washing machine area at Sears
on a Saturday.

Banana Man: Dancegiving

Our entry for Ubisoft’s Dancegiving contest. Featuring – Banana Man.
Song: Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne

I’ll try to update this faster in the future.

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Banana Man: Episode 1

The first ever episode of Banana Man, the newest in comedy inovation.

More Banana Man coming soon, but for now here’s episode 1. Hope you enjoy it!

Banana Man – Trailer

We just released the trailer for our up coming series Banana Man over at ShigimooFilms


A trailer for the up coming Banana Man series.


Updated the archive with some of the new videos I’ve put out lately. I’m trying to figure out a better way to have them set up because it’s becoming a long list of videos and I don’t find that the best format. Anyways here’s a short from us over at Shigimoo Films.

Casual Friday


The guys get a shock when their boss takes casual fridays a bit to far.

Computer Issues

I’ve been having some computer issues lately. For some reason it activated a second monitor that I did not have. So everything kept going onto this non-existent screen. Well I spent all last night and this morning trying to fix it and switching between other monitors and my laptop. I just now finally got it set back to one screen. It would have been faster, but with one screen not recieving any input and the propeties tab for the screens was showing up on the non-existent one it took a lot of turning it off and on, redoing settings, and switching screens to fix a minor problem. Also, I was getting my laptop this morning and when I picked it up it electricuted my shoulder. I sent the rest of the morning having a slightly numb arm, which is not good when you have class.

Real Life Rpg 6

The group continues, for yet another episode, to get Lady Dik Lik to
the town whos name must not be said. Ever!


Real Life Rpg 5 & Daniels Epic Spin

Real Life Rpg 5

The group continues on their escort mission. There will be insults,
arguments, and toad.


Daniels Epic Spin

Daniel takes my camera for a spin.


Real Life Rpg 4

Our heroes are on a special mission to escort Lady Dik Lik to the the
town of Over The Crest, a terrible pun of a town.


Taylor Presents – “Drunk” Aaron

This is what I get from letting my friend Taylor use my camera.

NOTE: He’s not really drunk. – Sorry


Bar Fight: The Outlaws of Promontory

The bar fight scene from the Outlaws of Promontory. This is during